This is the closing song and title track of my latest album. When I was recording the album I felt like I was missing a good closer so I sat down and wrote this the day after my 39th birthday. It's a tribute to a couple of dear friends that are no longer with us. Thanks so much to my good buddy, Steve Cochrane for shooting and editing this. Also a big thanks to Ian Vardy and Joey Woolridge for their time and camera work and my band Sean W Murray Chris Donnelly Ryan Kennedy and Paddy Byrne. Paddy couldn't make it that day so thankfully my brother Chris Picco was able to sit in. And a big shout out to Steve's son Billy Cochrane for taking a walk around my old stomping grounds in Toronto. And thank you Diamantino Luis Ferreira Borges for letting us shoot this at The Bull and Barrell! Hope you like it!

The second single from my upcoming fifth full-length album, "Out of the Past", coming out May 31st, 2019. Filmed by Brad Gover, Donald Morton, Joey Woolridge, Sheldon Kelly, Stephanie Barrett & Steve Puchalski. Edited by Brad Gover

The first single from my upcoming 5th full length album "Out of the Past" coming out on May 31st 2019. Filmed and edited by Tom Cochrane.



On his fifth album, David Picco takes a cue from the title in offering a classic alt-country collection, one that echoes the gloriously raw and edgy recordings of Uncle Tupelo, Songs: Ohia and Drive-by Truckers. But in other ways, the St. John’s NL singer-songwriter uses this approach to address the present with searing clarity, as he’s adapted to life’s harsh realities. What can a poor boy do? The answer is still: to play in a Rock ‘n Roll band.



Out of the Past

by David Picco

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